Postcards Tuesday 1/1

Happy New Year!!

 My favorite card this week. From the Ukraine, "Fairy-tale cat". This is for one of my grandkids. If anyone can send one to me, PLEASE leave a comment with your email address. I am willing to send cards in trade.

 Cartoon mouse, from Belarus.

From Australia. "Ophelia", by Arthur Hughes.

The Church of the Holy Cross, in Dresden, from Germany.

 Cute creatures, from Lithuania.

 Baby Moose, from Poland.

 I think the building is a post office, from Germany.

 Cartoon card, from Czech Republic.

A Wapiti by The Rockies, from Canada.

 Another cartoon card, this time from Japan.

 Reindeer card, from Netherlands.

 Cat + yarn = trouble! From Germany.

 A cartoon from the artist Mauri Kunnas, from Finland.

Colorful card, from Ukraine.

Santa card, from France.

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