Postcards, Sunday 12/2

 From France, I think on the back it says it's in Normandy.

From Germany, statues from a child's tv show are throughout the city.

From Germany. I let people know they can send 'ugly' cards. This is unusual, but not really ugly. I just wonder what the blurred image is.

 From US, a hiking trail in Nebraska.

 Nice bird card, from Belarus.

Busy street scenes, from Singapore.

 Art card, from Spain. Artist is Dick Bruna.

 Multiview card, from Germany.

 Summer sights, from Germany.

 A card from a place in US, but the sender is in Croatia.

 Nice art card from US. She was even able to attach a letter on it!

 Nice card from Netherlands.

Beautiful winter card, from US.

From Canada.

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