Postcards Tuesday 7/3

Taking advantage of a day off. Getting these images posted, then off to the post office to mail a package to the grandkids! Not even 9 am and I'm ready to turn on the a/c. Not a fan of summer!

 Great card from the US. It's a concept card from Monsters, Inc.

 Looks like a turtle to me, from Russia.

A Pooh & Friends card, from Belgium.

 Chimpanzee card, from Germany.

 From Netherlands, a card that is a photo the sender took. Thank you, Hans!

 Cute dog card from Russia.

 Lovely card from Greece.

 The card is shaped like a tulip, from Netherlands.

Lingonberries, from Finland.

 The sender's mailbox. From a friend in Pennsylvania.

From Belarus. I think that's a hedgehog.

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