Postcards, Saturday 7/21

 Cute fishing card from Russia. Also had nice Disney stickers on it for Evelyn!

Ferret, from Belarus.

 Map card from the USA.

 Views of Kyiv, from Ukraine.

Movie card, from Japan.

 From Mexico. The card is an illustration from "Double Didi"

View card from Russia.

A card from Netherlands. The sender took the photo from a hot air balloon!

Great view of the city, from USA.

 Greetings card, from Netherlands.

 Fields of flowers, probably tulips. From Netherlands.

Nice clock card, from Ukraine.

A Disney "Magic Effects" card, from Russia.

 Beautiful horse card, from China.

A Moomin card for the grandkids to share, from Finland.

 Lonely kitty card, from Taiwan.

Nice card from Russia. Does anyone know if this is an illustration for a story?

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