Postcards Sunday 6/24

From Netherlands. It's from a book popular there.

 "Typical Dutch Scene", from Netherlands.

 From Ukraine, Father Frost.

 From the US, the card is from France.

Windmills, from Netherlands.

 From a friend in Michigan. Thanks, Josh!

Donald Duck, from France.

Nice elephant card from Singapore.

 Another great elephant card, from Portugal. It's an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka.

 White Heron, from the US.

 Tulips, from the US. This is from the Roozengaarde Garden, in Washington.

 From Poland, a view of Krakow.

Great card of a swimming elephant, from Germany.

 From Taiwan. The sender made the card, the cat's name is Lemony. I like the elephants on the sheets!

 Nice art card from Russia.

 Flowers from Netherlands.

 From Metz, in France.

A modified way of saying "knowledge is power", from Germany.

Cute card from Netherlands.

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