Postcards. Monday 2/6

Mondays seem to be a big day for receiving postcards. I think 7 came today. So I better some before the stack grows any higher.

I really like this card, and I'm glad it came for me and not the grandkids! From Germany, "Die W├Ąchter" by Quint Buchholz.

 Wonderful map from Taiwan.

Pooh, from Netherlands.

Holiday card from Belarus.

From Germany. It's from Martin Luther's house.

 Cute illustration from a children's book, from Netherlands.

 Adorable baby elephant, from Russia.

 From Brazil.

 Another card from Brazil.

Nice map card from Canada.

 Warthog, from Great Britain. The sender put a nice Matilda (Roald Dahl) stamp on it. Thank you!!

From a friend in New Jersey, from Bryce Canyon in Utah.

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