Postcards 1/19 Thursday

 Alice and the Mad Hatter, from the US.

 Art card from the US.

Fantastic map card from the US.

Colorful butterfly card from The Netherlands.

 Cute card from Lithuania.

Cute card from China.

Nice reindeer card from Finland. The sender also drew a couple of animals on the back for Evelyn.

Nice image from Japan.

From Germany, "there are 3 kinds of people: the ones that can count and and ones that can't"

Nice map card from Poland.

Restful scene from Finland.

A happy cow from The Netherlands.

Funny card from Germany.

 Can't tell from this, but it's a larger card, and the images are very clear. From Hong Kong.

 Some of the beads fell off, but it's a birthday card from Ukraine.

Multiview from Poland.

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