more cards, 12/18

I want to get these mailed to the grandkids tomorrow, so I'll post all theirs tonight.

Bunny from Germany.

 From The Netherlands, "Tow Truck Pluck".

Dinosaur from US.

From Finland.

 A Batman card from Russia.

 From Russia, "The Wood Brothers"

From Belgium.

 From Canada.

 Beautiful card from Russia. "On a fairy blue cat", by Daria Gerasimova.

Another one from Russia.

Very cute card from Italy. The sender is the artist, and those are 2 of her cats! You can find her at www.nextlola.com.

 "Bart Raphael" from Finland.

From the Ukraine.

From the US.

This looks European to me, but it's from China, "Art Exhibition Hall".

Snowy winter scene from Russia.

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