More Postcards for 8/26

 This is from Hong Kong.

 from Wisconsin. The sender took the photo of pickles she made.

from Japan. Nice piece of art!

 Art card from Austria.

 from Brazil. the waer looks so blue there!

 from Hong Kong, the Lantau Link.

 from Netherlands. I love these old alphabet cards!

 a card from Germany for Trey.

 from Finland, another for Trey. the sender is a young girl, and she also drew a nice picture on the back!

from the USA, 'Jumbrella', by Charley Harper.


The Book Vixen said...
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almostakiss said...

Love the pickle one! Have you ever seen the Postagram Postcard app? It's for iphone in the app store. They make up postcards from your own photos & send them to anyone in the world for 99 cents! :-)

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