Friday June 10

 this sweet card came from Great Britain. the sender is also a bit of an artist, and she drew some cute illustrations on the back. this card was from a diary swap, so she sent a card a day for a week. i was sad when that week ended!

 this is from Taiwan, and the building gis Tamsui Customs Officer's Residence. reminds me of some buildings in California!

 got this card yesterday from England. I love rubber duckie cards! thank you, Liana!

this is a 3-D card from the Netherlands. also from a diary swap, so i got 7 cards from Mieke!

 1959 Coupe DeVille. the perfect 1950's shade of pink!

 Beautiful map card from Cindy.

 Charlie Chaplin.

someone on postcrossing got this card, and didnt care for it. so when i picked it as a favorite, he offered to send it to me. on the back it says, "Dog Chris, listening to the gramophone, Antarctica, ca 1911." and on the fron, on the gramophone is inscribed, "Capt Scott's Antarctic Expedition 1910".

 a Christmas theme card from China.

some beautiful flowers from Russia!

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