Tuesday sharing

i need to post a few cards more often, instead of once a month. work has been busy lately, and a bit stressful, so i'm trying to spend more time relaxing by crocheting and reading. but i will try to share more often!

 this is an official Postcrossing card from the netherlands.  it's a painting from a children's book.

 i got this card from 2 people and i love it! creepy yet charming.

back from when it was ok to ride the bus across the country.

 pretty birch trees from finland

 from ukraine, the carpathian mountains. i'd like to live in a place like that cabin, miles from other people!

 yokosuka city, in japan. this is dobuita street, back in the early 70's,

 this is the first postcard this sender from germany sent from Postcrossing. these bikes are behind the railway station in muenster.

 a card from swap-bot. "lightning struck near the 5th hole" on a golf course in AZ. this burnt design showed up the next day.

 concept art of woody and buzz, from toy story.

a wonderful map card from barcelona! and the sender also drew a couple of simple items on the back.. very happy when i got this card!

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The Book Vixen said...

Love the Toy Story one!

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