i've been looking around for a replacement lip gloss since rachel perry has gone belly up. i used their lip gloss, mint tingle, for at least 25 years....the BEST stuff ever! but unless they come back from the bankruptcy, there will be no more lip gloss by them. VERY depressing when i heard the news. so at walgreens today i found a new brand, YESTOCARROTS. it was around $6.50, a bit more than i pay, but figured what the hell. it comes in about 6 colors, i got 'flirty pink'. color is minimal, which is good for me, as i don't like painted lips on myself. the applicator tip is nice, and you can easily decide how much you want to use. it tastes lightly of mint, not wax like chapstick. and this stuff stays on for over an hour without needing to reapply! i'll be treating myself to some other colors, too. you can find them on twitter and facebook. look for the product, try it, and see if you agree with me! i tried about 4 other brands before this one, and this one is fantastic!!

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