space cadet

that's me!

i went to the doctor today, and got a nasal spray to help with my allergies. so i get the spray, bring it home and try to use it. i've had bottles like this before.....i know what i'm doing.

spray.   nothing.

spray again, same results. i've even taken off the protective blue ring, so the thing DOES pump. so i think the blue cap should come off. i pull, and the whole top comes off. oops! shove it back on and pray for better results. now when i spray the only liquid comes out all over my fingers and hand. i figutre i broke it when i took the whole top off. $30 down the drain. damn it.

but if i take it back, and just tell them it didnt work right (and no destroying of property by me) i'll get a new one. brilliant!  so after eating dinner we go back to walgreen's, where i proceed to tell the 4 people behind the counter (3-day weekend, no one in town but them and stupid me) how it doesn't work right.

the guy takes it, pulls off  JUST THE BLUE CAP, and it sprays just fine! when i took 'the cap' off, i took the cap and the part under it off. we all laughed and laughed, blamed it on a blonde moment, and then gary and i went across the street to get some ice cream.

you can see in the photo this piece of modern technology i had trouble with. i'm surprised i can knit without poking my eyes out with the needles.

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