last of the colyte

i'm about 3 hours into drinking the colyte. finally seeing the results of drinking a half gallon (almost) of the stuff. i feel stuffed more than anything else. i know i need to keep drinking it, but i 'm so stuffed that i can barely breathe. i thought i'd want other stuff to drink (and jello to eat) but the colyte fills you up so much that even the thought of putting anything else in your mouth hurts. i just hope to finish it all by midnight. the lemonade flavoring has really helped alot. and the ice keeps it cold, so i don't have to keep filling my cup every 15 minutes.
i just keep telling myself by tomorrow at this time it'll be over with. that helps a lot. i'm still hungry for real food, but it's more of a want than 'must have food' thing. plain old toast w/ butter sounds sooo good right now!
in about 12 hours they'll be starting the procedure. i will get thru this! i think the colyte is the hardest thing about the colonoscopy. it's hours of drinking that gets to you. just try to drink a gallon of water in 6 hours and se how you feel! by the time they get ready to do the procedure, i'll be relieved!

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Anonymous said...

After googling 'Colyte', your blog came up as #3, and I just couldn't resist commenting - having just imbibed the 4 liters. Took me 5 hours of ugh taste. Actually, taking a small sip of wine after every few gulps of Colyte helped. Don't know whether the doctor will approve, but I'm beyond caring. My procedure is in 12hours...

Mark from British Columbia

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