Plenty of Nothing

Here is the Saturday Sky for yesterday. Doesn't really photograph well, but it was a gloomy, overcast day.

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And here is the MIA sky from last Saturday. I dutifully took the photo, but got lazy about posting it.

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For the past month, every Saturday we've had garage sale activity going on. It's annoying to be awoken early on a day you can sleep in. Luckily this weekend nothing was going on. Maybe they got rid of the junk they wanted to.

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Knitting and crocheting has been going on. Made a kitty bed. I can't use DPN, so I went the crochet route. The sides don't really stick up like I had hoped for, but Polly still likes to sleep on it. Maybe after another round of felting it'll be better. One of these days I'll take some photos.


Cindy said...

Your sky looks a little like our morning sky today. Is it getting cooler? We're in the mid 80's here. Can't wait to see the kitty bed.

Heide said...

We need a kitty photo fix. Please take a picture of her in/on the bed! You're very responsible for remembering to take Saturday sky pictures. I've not taken a single shot. Hugs to you and Gary. Scritches under the chin to critters there with four legs.

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