Friends and cat

Here's a photo of The Germs, circa 1977. On the far left is my bestest friend in hs, Teri (aka Lorna Doom). In the kinda middle, on drums is my still bestest friend Becky (aka Donna Rhea). You make me wear a tiara and veil, you end up with your photo on my blog!

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And here is Polly, resting on a tower of blankets. I don't recall if I've already shared this photo.....so here it is anyway.

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And here is the Princess Polly, sleeping on the back of the futon. You get a good idea of how large her mitts are in this photo! Her back feet also have extra toes.

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Tomorrow is sky photo day. Hope to get some good clouds then!


Brianna said...

You need to resize your pics. They're so big that your stuff on the side bar is all the way on the bottom. Call me and I'll walk you thru it.

Heide said...

Oooh, I love kitty pictures and thank you for showing her feetses. How adorable is that? Thank you for the fun flashback photo too. So, I have to ask about the flag because I am a stickler for flag etiquette. An upside down flag is flown to show stress or duress. In 1977 the Vietnam war was over and the Iran hostage situation, etc. hadn't taken off yet. Do you know if the person(s) responsible for this flag were protesting something or was this merely the result of a drunken music-goer who knocked it down? And what is the guitar player on the right wearing on his head? This picture is a hoot and could inspire many an essay in a creative writing class.

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