In brief

Quick boring update....I'm alive and fine, and all is well here in Rapid City. Saturday we had summer, today it's winter.

Got 2 baby afghans finished in the past week. One knit, one crocheted. Have another crocheted one started, and at work I have Gary's afghan to work on. It's being made with malabrigo, so it's comforting when the day is going not-so-well.

One more month and it's vacation time! This time next month we'll be on the drive to Denver. Our flight leaves from there around 5 in the afternoon, so I think we'll be starting our drive at 5 am. I'd rather get to the airport 4 hours early than 1/2 hour late.

Won't be doing Secret Pal 8. I had a great time in SP7, but right now the trip is taking most of our extra money. But I plan to be back for SP9 if they have one.

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Cindy said...

OHHHHHKAY. I guess I'm just a bit ahead of myself. Math has never been my strong suit. The sentiment remains the same. I wish you both the best.

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