Please Frappr me!!!

I just went to look at my Frappr map.........BLANK!!!! Does no one read my blog? Doesn't anyone care enough to add themselves to my sad little map?? I add myself when I come across one, even though it makes my computer freeze up and I have to reboot. I even get updates from the ones I've joined to let me know about all the new members others have. Crochet Dude must get at least 10 new ones a week.

I am sad. Color me blue.

UPDATE: I just went to do some investigating and found I have 2 frappr accounts! the one at http://www.frappr.com/karyn has 3 people on it. So if you guys could use the link above instead, I'd appreciate it! That one has my profile on it.


rayleen said...

Is your Frappr map located on your blog somewhere? I don't see it. It may be because the photos are pushing the index to the bottom of your blog. I used to have this problem when I used PhotoBucket. Then I started using Blogger's picture uploading option. I recommend trying it out! If someone wants to see the photo in it's full glory, all they have to do is click on the photo. Meanwhile your blog is left intact. :)

cookiecatland! said...


i'm sabrina from france,just hanging around searching for a secret pal and i saw you site,and went to locate myself onto your map!!!go and see it!!
you can watch my creations at
see ya i hope!!

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