new hat project

Just got done making a hat in a fuzzy orange yarn, and am now going to make one, maybe two, using this yarn.

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Found this stuff at the local Hobby Lobby store. The main color is purple, then the fuzzys on it are a mulitude of colors. I don't think one skein is enough for a scarf, so I'm going for hats.

Got my order from Beaverslide today. Heard good things about their yarn, so decided to give it a try. I got enough to make an afghan I think. I'm setting it aside for now as it's a bit too warm to be working with wool. Besides, I have 2 afghans on the needles right now. Need to finish at least one before I start another!

And I don't think I said a big THANK YOU to my secret pal!!! Got a lovely book from her, all about South Dakota. Has some great photos in it. Also, besides the gift Certifcate from Amazon (so far I was able to get 2 books with it!) I'll be getting Interweave Magazine!!! THANKS!!!!

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Kitt said...

Very pretty yarn! Please post photos of the hats!
Thanks for the link to Beaverslide, I can see I'm going to be spending $$$ there!
My hubby says "thanks alot!" *wink*

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