another top done

Got this top done last night. It was made with Sidar's Fresco yarn. I think it's going to fit Evelyn when she's 2. I'll also post a photo of the straps. I couldn't imagine trying to crochet straps with that yarn, so I just took 5 strands of the yarn for each of the 4 straps, looped it on, then tied the ends . A relaxed look that goes well with the yarn.

2nd top Posted by Hello

Bri wants to make a purse. That chinese purse in S&B that even I can't figure out!! I'll stick to the little tank tops for now. After Bri comes back with my car this evening we plan to go to Verizon so I can get a phone for Gary, and switch mine to a SD area code. Then we'll probably hit Michaels' and may go to Unwind to check out the yarn sale. I feel the need for more luxury yarn!!

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