so anyway....

I still need to figure out how to put in the photos when doing a post, and not separately. One of these days! The pink afghan is coming along fine. A bit over half way done with it, and if I didn't get sidetracked with other projects I could have it done in a week. The Pixie yarn is so soft and cuddly. Makes it perfect for a child!

No Gary tonight. He has to help his sister with their yard sale, plus hopefully get some of his stuff packed up. I got 3 or 4 boxes sealed up this afternoon while Bri and Evelyn were here. Making a small dent. Will have to take photos of the mess. After filling 3 boxes I rewarded myself with computer and knitting time.

Still waiting for a guy from Freecycle to come over and pick up the bookcase wood. I have all the pieces in the living room near the front door. He said after 6 pm, it's now almost 7:30. I need to take a bath, but can't do so till he comes over. I hate waiting!!!

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