needle lost, needle found

went to gary's last night, and took my size 5 needles, and a ball of gray wool with me. planned to start an afghan. well, when i got to his house i only found one needle in my purse! i checked the car, came up empty handed. a bit upsetting....but at least i had another project in the car to work on! when i got home this morning i looked on the street, inside the house and in my lucy tote....nada! then i went back outside, and found the blue needle in the plants at the bottom of the stairs. *sigh of relief*

biatch downstairs had he broom on the walkway last night, no porchlight on. i should have tripped over it so i could sue. she's such a clean freak, yet she leaves her cleaning junk all over. it's a rare day when she doesn't have at least one bucket full of bleachy water and a couple mops outside.

little over two weeks left of work. they will end soon enough, but yesterday i felt like i'll never leave there! a few customers will miss me, but most won't care or even notice i'm gone.

still working on the shorts for evelyn...about half way done. i've been working on other projects, too.....otherwise i'd be done with them. this will be a sample pair, to check if the pattern is right, and the right size.

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