changes ahead

well, gary and his sister have a month to get out of their house.....landlord plans to sell the place. so i guess we'll be moving to south dakota in may. i had hoped we'd be there by march, but both of us like to drag our feet. this is just the push we need to get going. i have crap all over the place, and need to do some serious packing up.....and throwing out. i think once i get a stack of boxes in the "dining nook" (ha!) i'll feel better and not as hopeless. we should be plans made this weekend, so i should be able to tell my boss the news on monday. i expect he'll go into shock. i've been there over 11 years now!

and now that we know we'll be going, customers are really starting to bug me. either that, or we're getting more than our fair share of the nuts. i'd love to let some of them know just how stupid they are!

trying to finish an afghan for evelyn. it's a pink/white variegated yarn, patons pixie. love working with the yarn....so soft! and no fancy stitches needed with the stuff, which is good for me. i'd love to be able to make sweaters and maybe socks, but that would require me to read patterns and concentrate. i like to do mindless things while on the computer. so i have several afghans made on big needles using the garter stitch.

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