Postacards, 8/4 Part 2

I think I have about 40 cards I need to post. Seriously behind! Here are a few more for today.

 From Germany, a great black & white card with a splash of color.

 Colorful shoes from Germany.

 Favorite in this post, from Ukraine. I love these shoes!

 I love this series of postcards. From Russia.

 From Japan, Samurai.

 "Once Upon a Boat Ride", by Sarah Irwin. From a Facebook friend in Canada.

 From Great Britain. It's the inside of a narrowboat.

 Art card from US. "Outside the Palace", by Ludwig Deutsch.

 From Belarus, art by Natalia Maroz.

 This postcard came with the 3-D glasses, from US.

 A nimble cat, from Germany.

 From US, a Pixar card.

 Paris card, from the US.

 Home-made sticker card, from Germany.

 Old image of Edward Abbott Hall, Abbott School, in Farmington Maine, from the US.

 This card did NOT scan well at all. Metallic pink shows on black background. From Germany.

Kitten and a toy, from Russia.

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